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Lost Wax Casting Procedure

Lost wax casting is a process where a wax model is secured to a rubber base, placed inside a stainless steel flask, then surrounded by a plaster investment.

When the investment has cured the rubber base is removed from the flask. The flask is then placed in a computer controlled furnace for 12 hours at 1350 degrees Fahrenheit after which casting may begin. The casting temperature of the flask is determined by the thickness of the models to be cast.

The metal is then melted in the upper portion of the casting machine while the flask is placed in the lower portion under vacuum. When the metal is completely melted, it is dropped into the flask below. The casting is now complete.

After a short cooling period, the flask is quenched in cold water to disperse the investment and release the casting. The casting is then pressure washed, pickled, and ready for grinding and finishing.

  • A flask may contain as few as 1 wax and as many as 100 or more.
  • The flask size is determined by the number and size of your wax models.
  • You can bring us your waxes or have us make them for you.
  • We can also cast some materials other than wax.
  • The maximum size for casting is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches and 100 oz. of metal.
  • All pricing is in Canadian Dollars

A- $40.00
B- $45.00
C- $60.00
D- $90.00

Additional charges that may apply
Flask Setup $10 per tree

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Wax Injecting $1 per wax
Rubber Molds $25 and up